Demystifying the new Allocation of Tips Legislation

The 2024 change in legislation will affect your business. Find out how you can be ready for the changes.

The new Employment (Allocation of Tips) Bill is one of the biggest shake-ups of the hospitality sector for decades. Brought about to ensure fairness and transparency in the way tips and service charges are distributed to workers, the legislation, which was passed by Royal Assent in May, will come into force by the new tax year.

As with all new legislation, the Code of Practice’s detail will provide the tangible answers to many questions these changes bring about. With this Code of Practice nowhere on the horizon, we have brought together a panel of industry professionals and tax specialists to work through the changes the new law will bring about.

  • How can you demonstrate ‘fairness’ in your tips distribution?

  • What are the implications for pooling tips across venues?

  • What will be the impact of agency workers receiving a share of tips?


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