Tronc + Payroll

With our Tronc + Payroll solution, we manage all aspects of Tronc and dovetail that with also managing the payroll on your behalf. Everything is in one place. Simple.

Let us manage your tronc and payroll from start to finish

The Tronc + Payroll service provides the most comprehensive solution. We manage your payroll, pension and employee payments, relieving you of that headache.

But we also run your tronc in parallel ensuring we benefit from your employee records on starters, leavers and changes. Keeping the tronc and payroll in perfect sync.

tronc and payroll service


  • Attracts NI savings
  • Fully HMRC compliant
  • Lightest touch from Employer
  • Pricing synergy by coupling tronc and payroll
tronc and payroll service

As Troncmasters we are responsible for:

  • Tronc constitution
  • Tronc rules
  • Customer policy
  • Calculating employees share of tips based on tronc rules
  • Run tronc payroll
  • Pay employees
  • Send payslips / ePayslips to employees
tronc and payroll service

As your payroll provider we are responsible for:

  • Integration with your in house HR & TA systems
  • Extracting data and processing your payroll
  • Managing pension compliance
  • Paying your employees and 3rd parties

Benefits of this solution

For organisations who are looking for Tronc support but are either already outsourcing or looking to outsource their payroll, putting both together makes complete sense and is cost-effective.

Follow this link for more information on our payroll outsourcing for hospitality

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