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Tronc pitfalls, misconceptions and non-compliance

The ultimate Troncmaster Troubleshooter Guide

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The biggest questions about troncs answered by our Troncmaster Team

Troncs have been around for a while, but hospitality businesses are becoming increasingly aware of them as a way of reducing the cost of processing pooled tips and ensuring employees receive their allocation of tips in a fair way that maximises the amount they receive.

Troncs are simple in principle, but the nuances of how they are set up, implemented and managed are far from simple. When we are contacted by employers looking to set up a tronc or review a tronc they have in place, it is evident that there are common misconceptions and errors across the industry.

Our team of Troncmasters have put together the ultimate troncs Q & A based on the questions and common themes they come across when talking to businesses about troncs.

Whether you are running your tronc internally or using an independent tronc service, such as Troncmasters, we wanted to cover all the essential questions, so you can feel confident about the process, stay out of trouble with HMRC, and fulfil your duty of care to staff.

troncmasters booklet

Included in the guide

  • An overview of troncs
  • The difference it makes to your business costs
  • How much more money can it deliver to employees
  • What common practices make the tronc non-compliant
  • What are the penalties and implications for non-compliance
  • What makes good practice

Tronc Services

Our team can provide consultancy services with extensive experience in the hospitality sector running payrolls and offering tronc and tax advice.

Tronc Services

Our team at Troncmasters can provide a range of services to support your business run a compliant, efficient and ethical tronc scheme

Tronc Advice

If you have an existing scheme we can review and advise you on how to get the best from it

Tronc Management

We can help your set up your tronc and then act as your independent Troncmasters, calculation the distribution of your pooled tips every pay period

Tronc + payroll

As part of a leading payroll provider, we can not only manage your tronc scheme, but also your payroll.

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