Demystifying the new Allocation of Tips Legislation

The 2024 change in legislation will affect your business. Find out how you can be ready for the changes.

It has been a long time coming, but a new Employment (Allocation of Tips) Bill has been passed by the UK Government and is set to come into law in July 2024. 

Its impact on how tips and service charges are distributed cannot be underestimated. Every hospitality business only has a short time to meet the standards it brings.

As with all new legislation, the Code of Practice’s detail will provide the tangible answers to many questions these changes bring about. But, with this Code of Practice still in draft stage, we have taken a deep dive into the new legislation and considered the main areas of change and what practical steps you can take now.

One thing is clear … doing nothing is not an option!

Our comprehensive guide helps get you up to speed and shed some light on the changes you will need to consider to be compliant post July 2024.

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