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1.2 million hospitality workers and their employers are paying unnecessary National Insurance.

Are yours?

Don't miss out on saving unnecessary National Insurance payments for your business and employees

The cost of living and running a business are increasing at pace, so for your business and your employees, every penny helps. For the hospitality sector, tips and gratuities can make up a significant proportion of an employees pay packet, yet millions pf employees are paying more tax than they need to on these tips.

Pooled tips paid through a payroll without a tronc scheme are subject to National Insurance. That means for every £100 of tips, as an employer you are paying £13.80 (ERs) and your employees paying £12.00 (EEs).

Distributing through a tronc scheme means;

  • Less costs for your business
  • More money in your employees pockets
  • You are seen as an ethical and fair employer
  • Happier and more motivated employees

Setting up and running a tronc scheme, whoever, can be complex, so we have created this Guide to provide you with the things you need to know and consider when setting up a tronc scheme.

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A tronc scheme equals more money for your employees and your business

A correctly set up tronc can ensure your employees receive their tips fairly and cost-effective without undue costs to your business.

With recruitment and retention of staff an ongoing challenge, a tronc scheme can help keep money in your employees’ pockets and show you are a fair and progressive employer.

Tips, troncs and taxation – your guide to getting it right

Included in the guide

  • Why you need a tronc scheme?
  • How do tronc schemes work?
  • What can be included in a tronc scheme?
  • What will future legislation mean?
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Using an independent troncmaster service
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Tronc book

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