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A correctly set up tronc scheme ensures pooled tips are free of Employer and Employee National Insurance

With the cost of living increasing, every penny counts for hospitality staff, and that includes tips and gratuities. If there was a way you could ensure more money stays in the pockets of your employees, whilst reducing costs to your business, would you be interested?

Tronc schemes have existed for a number of years, but  the move to card and contactless payment methods, escalated by the pandemic, has left many hospitality businesses at a loss of how to efficiently distribute these tips that are now landing in business bank accounts.

A correctly set up tronc can ensure your employees receive their tips fairly and cost-effective without undue costs to your business. 

  • Tips processed through a tonc incur no Employer or Employee National Insurance
  • More money in your employees pockets
  • You save costs on ERs NI
  • Distribution rules are fair and transparent
  • Fully HMRC compliant

With recruitment and retention of staff an ongoing challenge, a tronc scheme can help keep money in your employees’ pockets and show you are a fair and progressive employer.


tronc booklet

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  • Tronc scheme structures
  • Ethical best practice
  • Case study
  • Independent Troncmaster services

Case Study

Almond Family Pubs

Almond Family Pubs run four locations in Cheshire and were looking for a way to fairly distribute their tips to staff whilst managing any costs to the business. The business employees 170 staff and generates £180,000 in tips a year. Using our Tronc Lite service we helped them to set up the tronc and the yearly savings for both employees and the business has been transformative.

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Savings in employees’ NI

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Savings in employers’ NI


Staff Morale

Increased employee recruitment & retention

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of tips going to employees (Almond Pubs covered Tronc Fees)

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