Topping up salaries and benefits with a tronc scheme

Topping up salaries and benefits with a tronc scheme


The hospitality industry is facing an ongoing staffing crisis. Businesses across the sector are faced with vacancies that they are struggling to fill, and to retain staff members in. According to the Office for National Statistics, there are now a staggering 171,000 vacancies in the sector.

With this mounting problem, employers within the industry are turning to new and creative ways to attract and retain talent.

Pubs bid to draw in Chefs with unique benefits

As reported by the Morning Advertiser, there is a developing trend particularly amongst pubs trying to recruit and retain Chefs. Data observed by the Indeed Hiring Lab shows increased salaries as well as many unique benefits including birthday days off, holidays, discounted hotel stays and attractive training opportunities amongst others.

Chefs are just one of the crucial team members that contribute to the success of the business, and having these vacancies open for long periods can cause lasting damage to the health of a hospitality business. With better benefits and higher salaries being one of the key areas that make staff feel valued, and feeling valued and fairly rewarded being a crucial factor to retention, it makes sense that we are seeing the industry develop this way.

What can you do to make yourself more attractive as an employer?

Whilst these perks are nice to have, not every business will be able to offer the same benefits package. Some benefits are not as accessible outside of the big cities, or are less financially viable when you don’t have big enough staff numbers to secure a good rate. Luckily, when it comes to increasing salaries and benefits, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Regardless of the size of your business, location within the UK, number of locations or number of staff employ; you and your employees can benefit from an efficient and independently managed tronc scheme. Not only does this save yourself National Insurance, but it also saves employee’s National Insurance on their tips; increasing their take home pay and topping up their salaries.

By implementing a tronc scheme, you can bolster your recruitment strategy by showing that you are a fair employer who cares about the wellbeing of their employees.

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