A flexible and cost effective solution

Our Tronc Lite service is fully HMRC compliant but runs the tronc through your existing payroll, so is cost effective and simple.

tronc lite options


  • Integrates into your existing payroll
  • No need to set up a separate PAYE with HMRC
  • Use existing payroll to process tronc payments
  • Employees see tronc payments on payslip but split our from salary
  • Attracts NI savings
tronc lite service

Troncmasters Role

As Troncmasters we are responsible for:

  • Tronc constitution
  • Tronc rules
  • Customer policy
  • Calculates employees share of tips based on tronc rules
tronc lite service

Organisation is responsible for:

  • Pooling tips
  • Distribution of tips based on Troncmasters calculations
  • Payslip information

Benefits of this solution

The main benefits of this system is that it is low cost. We are taking on the Troncmaster role, so are fulfilling the HMRC requirements and are saving NI, but there are no additional costs for setting up and running a separate PAYE.

For employees it is simple as they see their tronc payments on the same payslip as their salary.

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