Let us manage your tronc from start to finish

Our Tronc Complete service provides the ‘lightest touch’ for organisations as we not only set up and manage the tronc, we also process the tronc PAYE, payments and employee communications.

tronc complete option


  • Separate PAYE scheme
  • Registered with HMRC
  • Options for Troncmasters to run payrolls
  • Dedicated tronc app for employees to view payments / payslips
  • Payments made by employer
  • Attracts NI savings
  • Pooled gratuities are transferred to Troncmaster
  • All payments to employees made by Troncmaster
  • Custom options available such as employee communications
tronc services

As Troncmasters we are responsible for:

  • Tronc constitution
  • Tronc rules
  • Customer policy
  • Calculating employees share of tips based on tronc rules
  • Run tronc payroll
  • Pay employees
  • Send payslips / ePayslips to employees

Benefits of this solution

For organisations who want the transparency of a separate tronc PAYE, but don’t want the hassle of making the payments to employees, then this service takes the whole process out of their hands.

As a leading payroll outsourcing business we are able to efficiently manage the whole tronc payroll process using our secure platforms and systems.

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