A separate PAYE scheme for your Tronc

If you would prefer a separate PAYE scheme for your tronc, our Managed Tronc service gives you an independent scheme run by Troncmasters as an independent third party.

managed tronc services


  • Separate PAYE scheme
  • Registered with HMRC
  • Options for Troncmasters to run payrolls
  • Dedicated tronc app for employees to view payments / payslips
  • Payments made by employer
  • Attracts NI savings
managed tronc option

Troncmasters role

As Troncmasters we are responsible for:

  • Tronc constitution
  • Tronc rules
  • Customer policy
  • Calculating employees share of tips based on tronc rules
  • Options for Troncmaster to: run your tronc payroll - manage HMRC dealings - manage starters and leavers - manage RTI

Organisation is responsible for:

  • Pooling tips
  • Payment of tips based on Troncmasters calculations

Benefits of this solution

As with all our tronc scheme options, this saves on NI payments, but there are costs attached to setting up and running a separate PAYE scheme.

The main reason organisations choose this route rather than the Tronc Lite scheme is that they are seeking to demonstrate an clear transparency in the way they are handling tips and having a separate PAYE scheme does this.

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